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April 23, 2019

So, the great question of why always comes to the mind of many of "why did I decide to go on this journey? or What made me realize that this is the direction I wanted to pursue?" To be honest, I had accomplished so much in my life that I felt like I wanted to create something that would help make a statement, not to mention a way to help sponsor some of the community events that come to mind or even set up a scholarship fund for today's youth. I guess it all started, because of passion.

My passion for the youth and seeing how we as humans develop over time and going through different situations and circumstances. My passion for changing our communities and the world by fueling them with positive vibes. I suppose I fell in love with the PROCESS of PROGRESSION. 

You see, some people had a tough hand dealt and some have it better than others, but it definitely isn't a reason to settle for what life has handed us. No matter what age, we can all use a helping hand. Sadly, I feel like we need to push positive vibes out to the world since we're surrounded by negativity almost instantly. I pride myself on being a positive individual and I have a heart for people, especially the dreamers or the ones that people counted out. That's where "The BLOC Academy" comes in. I was forever spreading good vibes and posts on social media, hoping just to impact someones day in a positive way. Hoping that the post submitted for the day was a word they needed to hear as confirmation or even that extra push they needed to get through the week. So, here I am taking it to another level. Helping people fall in love with the transformation and the progression of life. Whether it be "justice reform", "Health and Fitness", "Saving our youth", "Stop the Violence", and much, much more. Fall in love with LIFE and build each other up.