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June 03, 2019

Sometimes we tend to get caught up in the everyday life, where we get discouraged because of the constant pressures we feel against us when we are just pursuing even the simple task in life. Yet over time those simple task even begin to get tiring and the motivation seems to fade, essentially creating a wall or a box if you will. Setting up limitations and boundaries upon our own lives, even though we were each made with a limitless mind.

It's amazing how we get older and due to past experiences or circumstances, we tend to let those occurrences build the foundation of the box we are building around our mind. You may hear people mention "I can't do this, because...", or "It will never happen for me so why try to...?". What also helps to build the foundation and walls of your box is the circle you keep and your environment. Whether it be negative talking, downplay of your goals and accomplishments, or even your lack of will to learn.

You see life isn't meant to be easy, nor did anyone say it was, but you have the ability to create results in your life by not contributing to this boxed mindset or by allowing this wall to continuously be built and obstructing your view of a "FULL LIFE" without limitations. No matter how you grew up, how much money you started off with, where you live, etc., there is something bigger in you that those walls can't handle.

Tell yourself you are worthy. Tell yourself you are free and you call the shots in your life. Don't let this world control you from your purpose or your dreams. Start off small and attack the hour, then the day, the week, month, year, and then your life. Be encouraged and believe in yourself. We live, we learn, we conquer.